Did you know Americans spend $2,875,000,000 on Thanksgiving dinner food? That’s according to The Statistic Brain Research Institute. A quick search online will surely lead you to you lots of tips on how to save money on your Thanksgiving grocery shopping list. Reviewing store ads to compare deals, knowing your local store’s prices and swapping brand-name for generic brands on ingredients – just to name a few.

But do you really have time to do all of that? Not likely!

Here’s the good news. We used a Thanksgiving grocery shopping list from Slate and will compare pricing data from grocery stores around Boston to find the best overall value for a Boston Thanksgiving grocery shopping cart. On Sunday, November 22nd we’ll share the results right in the app. How does it work? We analyze real prices by real people to show you where to find the best value on Thanksgiving grocery shopping. We’re doing the legwork and research for you.

Already completed your Thanksgiving shopping? That’s impressive! You’ll still be able to see how much you could have saved and use the app to plan and manage your next grocery shopping trip. With more holiday grocery shopping around the corner, you should see savings really add up.

At OurCart, we’re reimagining grocery shopping by leveraging the power of the community to collect real-time shopping data and we’re creating price transparency in grocery shopping so you can save time, money and frustration when shopping. Join the growing community of shoppers and be smarter about where to go for the best value at Boston area grocery stores.

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