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You’re busy. You want to get in and out of the grocery store as fast as possible. Prepping for a grocery trip? Don’t even think about it – if you only had time to go through the flyers and coupon circulars. You may not want to spend a lot of time thinking about shopping, but it’d be nice to grab some grocery savings once you get there, right? That’s where OurCart comes in.

Consider yourself the Batman of the grocery store, the Wolverine of the checkout aisle. Magically know which store is going to give you the best bang for the buck on your entire list, and get in and out of the store faster than the speed of light.

So how does it work? Grocery shopping app OurCart provides you with a complete grocery shopping management tool right in the palm of your hand.

1. Every time you shop, snap your receipt. It takes only a second, and OurCart generates a list of what you’ve bought so you can remember it or edit it next time.

2. Pick your favorite local retailers so OurCart knows where you like to shop and makes suggestions accordingly.

3. Before you leave for the grocery store next time, open up the app and finalize your list. (You can add items manually here as well.)

4. OurCart will tell you where you can get the best price for each item using data from other shoppers’ receipts and sale information from the stores (weekly circulars). Compare prices and make a plan.

5. Don’t want to shop multiple stores or compare prices one-by-one? OurCart will tell you which local store has the best value for your entire cart.

6. Win free groceries! Every time you snap your receipt in OurCart, you earn points to enter our monthly Grocery Giveaway. We pay for 5 users’ groceries every month – up to $500! You’re automatically entered to win, just by using the app.

As they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Superheros are here to make the world a better place, and by using the OurCart grocery savings app, you not only get to save on your own groceries but you also help your fellow shoppers save time and money. Every time you snap a receipt, we’re able to crowdsource your grocery buys to track prices at stores in your area and help determine the best price on every item.

Get in the know about OurCart with the infographic below. Don’t forget to share it with friends to help crowdsource even more great grocery savings!


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