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Every time you snap a photo of your receipt to find out the best deals on all your items, you’ll be entered to win a month’s worth of groceries for FREE!

You snap your grocery receipts with OurCart to hack your grocery list process and get instant feedback on the best deals from nearby stores, but now there’s another reason: FREE groceries for a month! For a limited time, we’re giving away a free month of groceries to five lucky OurCart users every month in our OurCart Grocery Giveaway.

Here’s how it works: just snap your receipt in the OurCart app as you always do to find the best deals on your groceries. Each photographed receipt gets you an entry into the monthly raffle. At the end of each month, we’ll be selecting five shoppers and paying for all the groceries they’ve snapped in OurCart for the month (up to $500)!

Grocery Giveaway Win Free Groceries

Of course, by snapping your receipt in OurCart, you’re always an instant winner. The OurCart app immediately generates a grocery list based on your purchases, allowing you to customize it for future weeks and letting you know the best prices on each item at grocery stores and warehouse clubs near you, based on what others in your area have paid for similar items. Plus, you’ll get the lowdown on the best store to shop at TODAY to get your total list for less.

Ready to win some free groceries and get all your grocery savings in one place? Download the OurCart app today, snap your first receipt and get started!

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