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As anybody who has run a household knows, creating a shopping list can be a lifesaver. Lists can not only help you remember everything you need (avoiding second trips to the store), but they can also save you time and money, allowing you to be laser-focused and efficient as you shop. But smart shopping lists take the list concept even further, allowing you to power up your time and money savings on every grocery trip.

Traditionally, grocery lists have been nothing more than a scrap of paper, where you scribble down what you need as it comes to you. While this is better than nothing, it is far from a perfect system: It requires you to write everything down by hand, it doesn’t have any details about sales and if you happen to misplace it, you have to start all over from scratch.

Enter the smart shopping list. When’s the last time you forgot your phone on the way to the grocery store? By keeping a smart shopping list through a phone app like OurCart, you ensure you always have what you need right at your fingertips. But it’s about more than that. Check out how a smart shopping list can help power your grocery trips:

Added convenience

It can be a real pain to have to keep track of a tiny slip of paper with all the stuff you need on it. Or even worse, to get all the way to the grocery store, only to realize that the list you need is still stuck to the fridge. With a smart list like OurCart, you never have to worry. Everything you need is right there on your phone, and pulling it up is as simple as tapping a finger.

Plus, OurCart helps you remember what you need by providing you with a shopping history based on the previous receipts you’ve photographed. Take a peek at what you’ve bought in the past and decide what you need to generate a fresh list. While you’re shopping, keep track of what you’ve bought without a pen. Swipe right once you’ve picked out the item, and it’ll be added to the “purchased” section. Swipe left again and it’ll be placed back on your “to-buy” list.

Know you’re saving the most money

OurCart automatically fetches deals from local circulars and lets you add them to your list–plus it gives you pricing information on the item crowdsourced from other shoppers at nearby stores. That way, you always know the perfect time to buy, and can shop confidently, knowing that you’re getting the best possible discounts. You get all of the upside of circulars without having to actually go through them every week.

Choose the right store, every time

And it’s not just for one store. OurCart’s app actually lets you compare prices at stores all across a given area. All you need to do is create a list, and you’ll automatically see all of the updated prices and specials for every store in your vicinity, along with a recommendation for where to get the best deals on all of your purchases, not just individual items.

When you use OurCart, you know that every step of the shopping process is optimized for your unique needs and buying patterns. Smart lists are the future of shopping – and saving money.

OurCart: The easiest way to way to create a shopping list, compare prices, and save on groceries. Every time you shop. Download OurCart’s free smart grocery shopping app here.

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