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Most leading supermarkets offer some form of online shopping. While ordering online can be tempted for the time-crunched, there are actually lots of reasons why heading to your local grocery stores yourself in person is actually a better idea.

Check out five sneaky ways that grocery shopping online can cost you!

Items may not be of the highest quality

If you do your grocery shopping online you can’t pick up and choose the items yourself. While this may not matter for items such as chips or laundry detergent, it sure does when it comes to fresh produce. You are trusting the supermarket employee to select the items for you, and they may not always pick the freshest or most attractive looking fruits and vegetables.

Prices may be higher

Although some may argue that saving money on the cost of gas makes online shopping worth it, in reality it’s usually more expensive. According to Money Crashers, some grocery stores will increase the items of prices online, and that’s not to mention the delivery fees they add on top. Furthermore, most online delivery websites won’t have price comparison features like OurCart, meaning you could be missing out on more attractive pricing at other stores.

You may get an undesirable substitution

If the grocery store runs out of the item you picked, many online services will promise to send a comparable item in its place. The problem is, in reality, the item isn’t always that similar or necessarily what you’d have picked instead. So, you may find yourself paying for a number of items that you do not actually want or need, forcing you to head to your local grocery stores yourself to remedy the situation.

You may lose the cost benefit of convenience with delivery times

Although many of the stores promise same day delivery, this isn’t always the case, which is obviously a problem if you need groceries for your evening dinner party, for example. Same day delivery can actually itself be burdensome if you have to wait around a few hours that you’d normally be out doing something else. If the delivery is made while nobody is home, it’s likely that the driver will simply leave the produce on your porch or doorstep, rendering it vulnerable to spoiling in the sun, being eaten by pests or being swiped by hungry thieves.

You miss out on the experience

But maybe most importantly, isn’t part of the enjoyment of grocery shopping actually heading to the store and browsing the shelves for the best deals, seeing what’s new, and checking those avocados and peaches to make sure they’re just how we like them? With online ordering, you’ll miss out on the experience of actually exploring your local grocery stores yourself.

One thing that can be great about online grocery shopping is the opportunity to know exactly what you’re spending before you enter the store or make a purchase. But we can remedy that! OurCart provides you with visibility into item prices at grocery stores around your area AND recommends the best place to shop for your whole cart, giving you all the convenience of online comparison shopping with the satisfaction of a visit to the store. 

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