PepsiCo Insight Challenge Winners!

Last month, we were privileged to compete in the PepsiCo Insight Challenge. We went head-to-head with other startups as PepsiCo and Nielsen sought companies that are disrupting current solutions in the market. The companies also sought a partner with whom they could develop a competitive advantage in consumer insight and analytics.

We leveraged our innovative receipt interpretation technology to provide a direct-to-consumer loyalty and shopper insight programs for brands, providing them with the opportunity to reward and track brand fans’ behavior directly, instead of relying on the third-party systems of retailers. As a result of the win, the OurCart team will now have the opportunity to partner with PepsiCo on a mobile-based loyalty program.

“Our innovative receipt interpretation technology works around accurately extracting and interpreting data from grocery store receipts and providing CPG brands with deep insights based on that data,” said Daniel Rejzner, Co-Founder & CEO of OurCart.  “Brands can utilize this information to connect with consumers and fans, delivering personalized rewards and timely offers based on the consumer’s activity. On the consumer side, interacting with a favorite brand is as easy as snapping a photo of the receipt.”

As a next step, the OurCart team will be meeting with executives in PepsiCo’s London headquarters to discuss partnering on a PepsiCo loyalty app and other applications of the OurCart receipt-snapping technology.

For more about the PepsiCo Insight Challenge, check out this video.

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