Announcing Snapstar Brand Loyalty App

You may have noticed a change to your OurCart app over the last few weeks. As our user base has grown, we’ve that although you buy the same brands at the grocery store every day, there is no way for those brands to reward you for being loyal customers. We thought that needs to be fixed and that’s why OurCart is now Snapstar.


Snapstar is the first mobile loyalty app that rewards you for the brands you buy at the grocery store every day. There’s no claiming rewards, scanning barcodes or other complicated ways to redeem. Simply take a photo of your grocery receipt as you always have with OurCart, and Snapstar will automatically categorize your purchases and claim the rewards for brands that qualify.

You’ll earn stars for each qualifying purchase and you can bank them to redeem for gift cards or enter into giveaways for larger items.

Right now, more than 30 brands are rewarded on Snapstar, and we’re constantly adding new ones and providing you with more ways to get rewarded by the brands you love and already buy.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get rewarded: just snap your receipt and we’ll do the rest. If you already have OurCart, simply update your app on your phone to see these changes. If you’re ready to download Snapstar, search for it in the Google Play store on your phone or click here to get a link to download. Please note Snapstar is currently only available for Android; iPhone will be released soon!

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